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If you have upcoming events or would like to contact us please use the form below. Thank you!


ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR BULLETIN:  All announcements will be printed in the bulletin. Please get requests to the secretary by Friday 11 AM by leaving them in her box on the door in the kitchen or calling the church at 812.294.7422 or Be sure to list date, time and all the pertinent information.

Concerning Announcements: Donna Tyler is our Church Secretary and her email is and mine Clif White is to send us your announcements you would like posted in the Bulletin, on the Website, and to be put on the announcements shown prior to worship. Make sure to submit this early so we can get these posted. You can always submit your upcoming events by using the form above this will go directly to Clif and Donna’s email or you can also drop her a note off on the Office Door located in the Kitchen.


Sunday, June 24, 2018Adult Classes, 9:00 AM – NO Women’s class until August
Holy Word Studio 1 & 2, 10:15 AM – today is Family Sunday
Worship Service, 10:30 AM

WednesdayWednesday Bible Study, 7:00 PM

Thursday:  Nursing Home Visit, 6:30 PM

Friday:  Youth Movie Night, 7:00 PM – Invite your friends!


June 28:  Nursing Home Visit, 6:30 PM
June 29:  Youth Movie Night, 7:00 PM – invite your friends!
June 23:  Youth Ministry to Henryville Food Pantry, 9:00 to 11:00 AM
June 29: Reel Time Movie night at Safe Harbor 6:30pm – 9:30pm
July 1:  Covenant Group, 8:00 AM
July 1:  Food Pantry Sunday – Bring peanut butter, cereal, mac and cheese
July 4:  Wednesday Bible Study, 7:00 PM

We are preparing for our first VBS here at Safe Harbor Christian Church and calling all volunteers to assist in this huge endeavor. Please contact our VBS Director Deana Ramsey ASAP. This is a great opportunity to share the Love of Christ to everyone in our community. “Game On!” Join the Team and Go Team!

If you would be interested in learning Website development please let Clifford White know and he will be setting up a training and a team to assist with working on our Website to make it a Ministry Tool as well as informational page. Please send me a message if interested with contact information and days and times you could meet. Clifford White ( We are planning on meeting on July 10, 2018 at 6:30pm at the church.


If you have photos of some of our church events, please upload them to  If you have a problem, let Clif White know and he will help. (812-786-7427).


The youth of the church plan to serve at the HENRYVILLE FOOD PANTRY on the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month from 9:00 to 11:00 AM There is a need for 2 or 3 people each date and there is a sign-up sheet in the lobby for those wishing to serve. Parents, encourage your son or daughter to serve.

Weekly Schedule of Safe Harbor Christian Church

Adult Combined Bible Study Class, 9:00 AM
Men’s Bible Study Class, 9:00 AM
Holy Word Studio 1, 2 & 3, 10:15 AM
Worship Service, 10:30 AM

Sweet Hour of Prayer, 5:50 PM
Bible Study, 7:00 PM

Safe Harbor Christian Church June 2018 Calendar of Events: SHCC June 2018 Calendar

Our usual weekly schedule:

Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9:00 am – 10:15 am Childcare provided each week.

  • Adult Combined Study Class having an in depth review and study in the book of Revelations for the next several months. The Class is led by Ray Ramsey
  • Men’s Study Class currently studying “Act Like Men”; 40 sessions to Biblical manhood. The Class is led by Ron Lee and Don Scott
  • Women’s Study Class beginning study on “Twelve Women of the Bible”. The Class is led by Janna Furnish. All ladies are welcome.

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Come and join in God’s Fellowship of Believers. Come as you are and let God do His work on you. We also have our Holy Word Studios for your children. If you miss you can still take part in our worship services by going to our Worship Videos.

Wednesday Prayer Time: Starts at 5:50 pm
We meet in the church foyer for “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, where we lift prayer concerns up to the throne of Our God through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday Praise and Worship: Starts at 7:00 pm
We have various music groups leading us in songs of praise as well as a rotating list of powerful faith filled speakers. Join us for our next “Faith Uplifting Time”.

Wednesday Night Live:
For all Children and Youth! Invite all of your friends and neighbors to come and join us for this huge time of blessings.



June 3 – Vanessa Goodknight

June 6 – Tracy Roberts

June 14 – John Hulsey

June 17 – Mark Amos

June 22 – Spencer Gieseking

June 25 – Tracy Hodson

June 26 – Rena Yeager

June 27 – Gina Scott

June 29 – Dennis Durnal III



 June 1 – Corey & Miranda Hernly

June 17 – Ray & Judy Wheeler

June 21 – Darren & Tracy Hodson

June 30 – Dennis & Jane Shephard

serve-with-heart-1-728SERVICE MINISTRIES BELOW:
We appreciate our volunteers in each area and thank them for their service

Complete Service Ministries Calendar for June 2018: SHCC June 2018 Service Ministries Calendar


Gene Esterle (502-550-1573)

Clif White (812-786-7427)

Door Greeters

June 24: Bonnie J. & Kelly L. and John & April H.
July 1: Dollie R., Bill S., Tammy W.
July 8: Pam N., Mandy T., Kathy H.

Media Ministries
Terry Boger, Ben Schott Jessica Noblitt, and Clifford White

Please start coming to Thursday Night Rehearsals at 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM so we can make a schedule for the volunteers for all of the Media areas. (Sound Board Ministry, Media Shout Ministry, Video Ministry). If you are willing to serve on any of these we would like those serving on a Sunday to come to the rehearsals. 

The ones working the Sound Board will need to be here early on Sundays around 8:30am.
For Media Shout Ministry and Video Ministry please try to get to church around 9:30am.

For questions see the following:
Terry Boger – Sound Board
Ben Schott or Jessica Noblitt Media Shout
Clif White Video Ministries or Website Ministries

God Bless all of you willing to serve,

Communion Servers

June 24 – Team #5 Ron Lee, Dennis Shephard, Read Blasi, Don Scott, Kent Nash

July 1 – Team #1 Gene Esterle, Vanderpool, Terry Boger, Leeland Joyce, Mike Burchel

July 8 – Team #2 Greg Furnish, Ben Schott, Luke Boger, Marcum, Cam. Furnish


June 24: Gina & Don Scott
July 1: Trena Boger and boys
July 8: Lilly & Kevin Glass

Holy Word Studio Take 1

June 24: Terrilynn D. & Megan G
July 1: Halley T & Miranda H.
July 8: Becca H. & Jessica N.

Holy Word Studio Take 2

June 24 – Tracy H. & Spencer G.
July 1 – Chandler F.
July 8: Chandler F.

Holy Word Studio Take 3

June 24 – Family Sunday/No Class
July 1 – Jeanine B. & Brack T.
July 8 – Jeanine B. & Brack T.

REEL TIME (6th-12th grades)

Safe Harbor Reel Time

Reel Time Grades 6 -12

Friday June 29: Youth Movie Night at Safe Harbor 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Invite all your friends!

Please watch the bulletin for special events during the summer.


July 1 – 4:30 to 6:30 PM
July 15 – 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Invite all your friends!


Safe Harbor Christian Church Position Papers 2014 PDF: Safe Harbor Christian Church Position Paper 2014

Church Secretary for more details Email: