Welcome to Safe Harbor Christian Church

3002 Murphy Road, Memphis, IN 47143 (812) 294-7422

Safe Harbor is a center of ministry all weekend.  Tonight and tomorrow at 7 we have the Pleasant Valley Christmas- Songs from the Pew production. Then Sunday morning we start a new series in worship.  For the next three weeks we will MAGNIFY.   It is a song title, the singer—Mary.  Come and bring a friend.
Pastor Rich

What are 3 inventions you couldn’t live without?  Send me an email or text before Sunday of your three. Some make life easier, some change the world.  We will “look” at one this week that most of us might not have on a list favorites, but it changed the world—We continue to magnify, Sunday Morning–Safe Harbor. See you then.  Pastor Rich (812) 850-1782

December 9, 2018 Worship Service. Pastor Rich Ramsey Sermon was “Magnify”