Update: Due to Wednesday being Thanksgiving Eve there will be no  Wednesday Evening Bible Study. Safe Harbor Christian Church –  Pastor Rich Ramsey (November 19, 2018)

 Welcome to Safe Harbor Christian Church

3002 Murphy Road, Memphis, IN 47143 (812) 294-7422

Yesterday at Safe Harbor, we all sang Psalms, Hymns, and Songs from the Spirit as one body–one choir. It was a service that I pray had a spiritual impact upon all.  We will continue with part two next week on singing in worship.  Yet, I need your help.  We are focusing on the actual lyrics of songs that are the most meaningful to you.  Could you please email  or  text me the title of the song/hymn that is your favorite based upon the lyrics.  I know many of you will have difficulty narrowing it down, so you can send more than one.  If you have time, tell me why that song is so powerful in your life.

Thank you and keep singing,
Pastor Rich (pastorrichramsey@gmail.com) (812-850-1782)